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Myth buster: "Once you go to a chiropractor, you will always have to go."

Obviously, no one can “make you” do anything you don’t want to do; maybe a better way to phrase the statement above would be, “Will a chiropractor take advantage of me and subject me to unnecessary treatment?”

The answer is “no”— any ethical chiropractor would certainly not treat you any more than he/she feels is required for optimal health. In fact, the phases of chiropractic treatment are no different than that which you would expect when you are sick, and seek the assistance of a physician.

Take a look at the similarities:

Acute/Short Term

Chiropractic Treatment

Patient is in pain; chiropractor provides adjustment.

Medical Treatment

Patient is sick; physician prescribes medicine.

Follow Up/Intermediate

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractor provides follow up treatment or treatments, depending upon how the client is responding to treatment.

Medical Treatment

Doctor performs follow up visit or visits, depending upon how the patient is responding to treatment.

Long Term/Wellness

Chiropractic Treatment

To make sure that the misalignment of the body has not occurred again, and to eliminate the chances of it recurring, the chiropractor will advise that a patient have periodic adjustments, at intervals that depend upon the patient and condition that they had originally experienced. This will optimize the overall health of the patient and eliminate pain from recurring.

Medical Treatment

To make sure no medical condition has arisen, even though no symptoms may appear, physicians advise patients to have routine physicals.

So it all boils down to how healthy and pain free you wish your life to be; it is ultimately up to you.

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